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US-2009048207-A1: Hydrazide-containing cftr inhibitor compounds and uses thereof patent, US-2009052970-A1: Device for extracting paste contents patent, US-2009310322-A1: Semiconductor Package patent, US-2005128619-A1: Driving circuit for a magnetic head and magnetic recording apparatus patent, US-2006132618-A1: Image pickup device and image pickup method patent, US-2008087555-A1: Arrangement and method for detecting small substance concentrations patent, US-2008119536-A1: Substituted imidazoles patent, US-2005102040-A1: Radio frequency lighting control system programming device and method patent, US-2007058503-A1: Information storage medium, recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus patent, US-2007289913-A1: Filter Cartridge And Seat Element For A Filter Cartridge patent, US-2009136531-A1: HPV E6 protein T cell epitopes and uses thereof patent, US-2009246350-A1: Corn Seed Comprising Novel Opaque Modifiers and Related Methods patent, US-2010035767-A1: Polymerase patent, US-2004070776-A1: Balancing grays on color printers patent, US-2004139338-A1: Contents distribution system patent, US-2005044084-A1: File managing method for a digital apparatus patent, US-2005068819-A1: Information recording medium, simultaneous recording method, simultaneous reproduction method, information recording apparatus, and information reproduction apparatus patent, US-2006136958-A1: Optical media, read inhibiting agents and methods of making and using same patent, US-2006152347-A1: System and method for detecting the seat occupancy in a vehicle patent, US-2009302367-A1: Method of fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabricated by the method patent, US-2004005407-A1: Developing liquid coating device, developing device including the same and image forming apparatus including the developing device patent, US-2005040526-A1: Method of making a substrate having buried structure and method for fabricating a display device including the substrate patent, US-2006140102-A1: System and method for parallel selection and retrieval of data stored in a holographic data storage medium patent, US-2006257631-A1: Probe pad structure in a ceramic space transformer patent, US-2007124292-A1: Autobiographical and other data collection system patent, US-2008213519-A1: Polypropylene Film and Laminated Material Thereof patent, US-2008298114-A1: Phase change memory structure with multiple resistance states and methods of programming an sensing same patent, US-2009186883-A1: Stable Aqueous Suspension patent, US-2003218944-A1: Method for controlling optical pickup head upon switching from following mode to seeking mode patent, US-2005109444-A1: Sealing assembly patent, US-2005207144-A1: Light retainer patent, US-2005239258-A1: Method of fabricating semiconductor device patent, US-2006027450-A1: Arrangement and method for the production of gas-impermeable layers patent, US-2006191865-A1: Method of processing substrate, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing thin film device, and programs for implementing the methods patent, US-2008044416-A1: Novel, prostate-specific gene for diagnosis, prognosis and management of prostate cancer patent, US-2008253964-A1: Methods and Compositions for F-18 Labeling of Proteins, Peptides and Other Molecules patent, US-2009292948-A1: Fault Location in Telecommunications Networks using Bayesian Networks patent, US-2004117843-A1: Media exchange network supporting local and remote personalized media overlay patent, US-2005014274-A1: Method for selectively washing used reaction cuvettes in an automatic analyzer patent, US-2005036431-A1: Optical pickup apparatus and optical pickup method patent, US-2005175416-A1: Method of repairing and reinforcing piers using stones patent, US-2007191340-A1: Compounds Which Modulate The CB2 Receptor patent, US-2009050374-A1: Method and apparatus for managing variable density drilling mud patent, US-2006157738-A1: Semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method patent, US-2006171104-A1: Portable device with programmable housing patent, US-2003217915-A1: Fabrication of microstructures with vacuum-sealed cavity patent, US-2005030386-A1: Method and apparatus for determining video formats supported by a digital television receiver patent, US-2006064090-A1: Bio-flexible spinal fixation apparatus with shape memory alloy patent, US-2006091121-A1: Method for reflowing a metal plating layer of a contact and contact formed thereby patent, US-2007246791-A1: Power Semiconductor Device patent, US-2004149958-A1: Coated phosphor filler and a method of forming the coated phosphor filler patent, US-2008227349-A1: Temperature sensing fabric patent, US-2005198472-A1: Digital signal processors with configurable dual-MAC and dual-ALU patent, US-2005283006-A1: Heteroaryl-substituted pyrrole derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic uses patent, US-2006008987-A1: Method for forming a floating gate memory with polysilicon local interconnects patent, US-2008021589-A1: System for the exchange of information between a machining apparatus and a transfer device patent, US-2007272705-A1: Container for Infusion Liquids patent, US-2008273431-A1: Information storage medium having storage layer with optical power control area, and recording apparatus to record data with respect to information storage medium patent, US-2009238267-A1: Methods And Apparatuses For Use In Switching Between Streaming Video Bitstreams patent, US-2006025327-A1: Hybrid molecules QA, wherein Q is an aminoquinoline and a is an antibiotic or a resistance enzyme inhibitor, their synthesis and their uses as antibacterial agent patent, US-2007231624-A1: Photocatalytic electrode and fuel cell patent, US-2006258111-A1: Process for producing an integrated circuit comprising a capacitor patent, US-2009232730-A1: Method of producing immunoliposomes and compositions thereof patent, US-2008277729-A1: Electrostatic discharge protection element patent, US-2009083916-A1: Eraser assembly for a rotary tool patent, US-2003178654-A1: Complementary Schottky junction transistors and methods of forming the same patent, US-2005051417-A1: Apparatus for and method of heating fluid and distilling fluid patent, US-2009318291-A1: Fungicidal mixtures of 1-methylpyrazol-4-ylcarboxanilides and azolopyrimidinylamines patent, US-2006267829-A1: Traffic alert collision avoidance system (TCAS) devices and methods patent, US-2007179114-A1: Novel 2'-C methyl nucleoside derivatives patent, US-2003219719-A1: System for quantifying blood flow in tissue with periodic updating of tissue baseline conditions patent, US-2008090760-A2: Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Cellular Proliferation patent, US-2009039523-A1: Packaged integrated circuit devices with through-body conductive vias, and methods of making same patent, US-2006069329-A1: Waterproof massage device with removable battery compartment patent, US-2004202893-A1: Electroluminescent element and light-emitting device patent, US-2005228791-A1: Efficient queribility and manageability of an XML index with path subsetting patent, US-2006204147-A1: Single use container patent, US-2008147737-A1: Publish-subscription platforms for alert messages and related methods and computer program products patent, US-2007042966-A1: Inhibition of cell motility, angiogenesis, and metastasis patent, US-2005262966-A1: Nickel powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same patent, US-2004058445-A1: Activation of tumor-reactive lymphocytes via antibodies or genes recognizing CD3 or 4-1BB patent, US-2005184004-A1: Glaucoma implant having MEMS filter module patent, US-2006273674-A1: Motor magnetic force attenuator patent, US-2007019272-A1: Vision modification with reflected image patent, US-2008103165-A1: Ppar mediated modulation of neurogenesis patent, US-2009037502-A1: Object oriented based methodology for modeling business functionality for enabling implementation in a web based environment patent, US-2009164325-A1: Systems and Methods for Locating an Automated Clearing House Utilizing a Point of Sale Device patent, US-2007139573-A1: Liquid crystal display with scanning lines each having dual paths patent, US-2009023594-A1: Reagents for labelling nucleic acids and uses thereof patent, US-2004069444-A1: Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning assembly for a vehicle patent, US-2004244073-A1: Process of controlled shuffling of chromosone fragments for plant breeding patent, US-2008911-A: Dial control for multiple gas cocks patent, US-2010047798-A1: Adenosine a1 and a3 receptor gene sequence variations for predicting disease outcome and treatment outcome patent, US-2004058424-A1: Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same patent, US-2005151266-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2006073569-A1: von Willebrand factor (vWF) - cleaving protease patent, US-2007087539-A1: Method for manufacturing compound semiconductor epitaxial substrate patent, US-2007164892-A1: Method and device for controlling quantization scales of a video encoding bit stream patent, US-2008076806-A1: Di-aromatic substituted amides as inhibitors for GlyT-1 patent, US-2008207600-A1: Pharmaceutical Combination for the Treatment of Cns Functional Disorders patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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